“Kill chickens to scare off monkeys”! Kill Berisha “to scare Rama”!


Nga Enver Bytyçi

A few days ago the Council of Ambassadors of the US published its report on the situation in Albania and our region and seriously addressed the issue of former Prime Minister and former Albanian President Sali Berisha’s declaration of non-grata. I want to explain that the Council of US Ambassadors is an organization with a powerful influence on political and diplomatic opinion in this country. His members are over 200 ambassadors of the times of many presidents, Bush senior, Clinton, Bush junior, Obama, Trump and Biden. It is a moral authority more powerful than DASH itself. This paragraph from this report caught my attention among others:

“Ambassador Kim told us privately that the fight against corruption was of such essential importance to US policy and such a high priority that Biden administration officials saw it important to make an example – to emphasize that no one is above the law or immune when it comes to corruption crimes. Keep in mind the fact that Berisha is 79 years old and can be considered to be approaching the end of his political life, an irreplaceable political figure for some, but it is not the American way of summer justice targeting someone else to teach a lesson to a culprit actual. This would be more similar to the Chinese expression “kill the chickens to scare the monkeys”.

I have read and re-read this brilliant passage of such an accurate description of what has happened to Sali Berisha. It stuck in my mind because this paragraph is enough to debunk all DASH claims of his corruption, much less what Blinken calls “the collapse of democracy”! According to Ambassador Kim, Mr. Berisha’s non-grata proclamation is made to scare Prime Minister Rama, his ministers, directors who took millions from the state and give to the firms they created, criminals directors of state administration, who buy firms for 600 euros and sell them for six hundred thousand euros after six months! In fact, Juri Kim did not dethrone any of the current corrupt, condemning a 79-year-old who ruled 12 years ago.

Report says this is “not America’s way of summer justice targeting someone else to teach a lesson to an actual culprit”! And I believe this principle, which guides American justice and politics. But where did Juri Kim and those who collaborated with him learn this formula of totalitarian states? He learned it from Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania. Also sponsored by Soros, inclined to violently dictate his ideology and principles. Edi Rama’s father signed Avzi Nela’s hanging not because he knew her and was convinced of his guilt. But he believed that the example of Avzi Nela’s hanging would terrorize the people, Albanian citizens, in order to control the situation. Rama was fresh about this scheme from his father. He was never over 20 years old. He knew that Kristaqi cast his vote for the poet’s hanging so that all the other poets of Kukjes of Albania would remember and not oppose communism as an ideology, order and system.

Share he was able to amaze Kim with his explanations.

Juri Kim is surely enthusiastic about how the Prime Minister has served this formula. “Look at the ambassador lady! In Albania Berisha is considered an untouchable politician. So we need to hit just that, to break the myth of inviolability. These ours who are corrupted today will understand that when Berisha is hit, no one can go unpunished”!

This is pretty much a scheme. Then the journalists organizations of Rama and Soros were put into work, McGonigal was found as a legal instrument and finally the scheme was carried out. However, I believe Ms Kim lied when she told the Council of Ambassadors representatives that she “wanted to set an example”, i.e. she wanted to “kill Berisha to intimidate Rama”.

The real reason is helping Edi Rama to remove the Berisha obstacle, so that the Albanian Prime Minister would act calmly in implementing Soros’ plans, especially in the Balkans and those for Kosovo. But in the absence of evidence and facts, which the opposition leader is constantly seeking, the US ambassador has used the trick of making an example of “strong Berisha”, to “warn the “weak” Rama”! An alibi, which no one trusts, but also as an alibi appears to be an own goal on the unprotected goal of Juri Kim and Antony Blinken, stimulated by Soros’ penicillin.

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